How to time perfectly – Learn with CLOCKS – Game

Clocks is designed as a shooting game using clocks as a target and another clock as a gun and clock hands as a barrel.

Concept of the Clocks: Clocks of various sizes are placed in a defined format. One of these clock is set as a gun (by game itself) to shoot any other clock. The clock head rotate either in clockwise or anti clockwise direction continuously. As clock head act as a gun barrel, preferred clock can be shot (using shoot option available at bottom of the page) whenever the clock head face the direction of the preferred clock.

Clocks is designed game in two modes

  1. Quest – aim to complete the level and proceed to the next level

  2. Survival – aim to score as many points as possible by shooting the clocks.

Google Play Games is a prerequisite to play Clocks Game

On opening the App, practice designed for shooting will help us to understand how the game need to be played. On completion of the practice, we are navigated to the play modes page. On play mode page, either “Quest” or “Survival” can be selected. From the options at top of the page, we can view the highest points achieved in survival mode (from crown), list of achievements (from Trophy), mute, upgrade to pro, rate the App, sign out from Google Play Games (from settings).  With option “Remove Ads” available at bottom, pro version can be purchased with Rs. 47/-.

Quest Mode: In Quest mode, aim is to shoot all the clocks (one by one) without missing a shot. Clocks are given in predefined format with one clock as a gun. Using gun clock and clock head as a barrel, we have to shoot the other clock. In successful shot, earlier gun clock disappear and shot clock will become a gun. If attempt is not successful, for the first time, opportunity to re shoot the last shot is available from the option “Retry Last Shot”. Please note as this App is ad-supported app, advertisements appear on successful or unsuccessful completion of level, video advertisement on retry last shot.

Survival Mode: In survival mode, aim is to score as many points as possible without missing a shot. This mode is intended for continuous shooting and with every successful shot on any clock, gun shift to shot clock and additional clock appear at another area. For every long shot, 3 points are awarded and for other shots, 1  point is awarded.

Special points in clocks is that they are of different sizes and few clock head rotate in clockwise and others in anti clockwise which affects the direction of the bullet on shot. This demands perfect visualization of direction of bullet. Perfect shots demands good eye and hand coordination.

Overall, in our opinion, Clocks is simple theme game with specific points to make the game difficult. We recommend the App to pass free time.

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