Hitap Indic Keyboard – Free for Anroid

Hitap Indic Keyboard is designed to enable to input text in Indian Languages.

Theme of the Keyboard: Hitap Indic Keyboard is an Indianised keyboard targeted for users of Hindi and other Regional languages of India.

On installation, Hitap Indic keyboard seek to enable keyboard and switch from present keyboard to Hitap Indic keyboard.

On opening of the App, we can choose the languages namely, Hindi, Tamil,   Telugu,  Gujarati, Assamese,  Bengali, Kannada,  Malayalam,  Marathi,  Oriya,  Punjabi and Urdu. For assistance,  English (UK) keyboard and  themes, Settings for Input, Sound & Vibration. We can also share the App using Facebook, Update the keyboard and provide the Feedback.

The layout of the keyboard is divided into two sections:

1. Menu and Word Predictions

2. Input text in the default set language.

In the Menu section, with the leaf writing icon,  we can return to typing pad from any other section. With “Smiley” option,  we can access smiley’s, and with “Emoticons” option,  we access emoticons,  With “Themes” option,  we access themes.  Under themes, four local themes are provided. Prime themes can be downloaded from Google Play or Image can be set behind the Keypad from Gallery or taking a picture from Camera. Several themes are available for free on Google Play. From settings section, we can modify the Settings for Sound & Vibration, Word Suggestion,  Languages and access settings page from “More” option. We can resize the keypad into the desired size with drag and drop. With Down Arrow option,  we can hide the keypad at any point of time.

Coming to the Keypad,  Layout and appearance is Good. Features are nothing special and needs a lot of improvement. This review is typed on this Keypad and typing of English or regional languages is not comfortable. Hitap Indic Keyboard also facilitate for transliteration mode for Hindi i.e. Hindi can be typed using QWERTY keypad. With world icon or  swipe on spacebar we can change language. The word suggestions are still at their baby steps when compared to other keyboards like Ginger Keyboard, Fleksy Keyboard or Swiftkey Keyboard. Improvement in the suggesting words is needed. The themes, smileys,  emoticons are limited.

Overall,  in our opinion, Hitap Indic Keyboard needs a lot of improvement to make it user friendly. With present features as on date, we will not recommend Hitap Indic Keyboard to try.

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