handtrip: travel expenses for Android

Trip project is designed to track the expenses of the traveling trips and compare with the allocated budget.

On Homepage, the list of trips along with dates, trip country are displayed. With “+” available at the right top, we can add details of new trips with trip title, start and end date of the trip, visiting country. With “Save” option, we can save the trip details. With options available at top right of trip, we can edit, delete or backup trip data.

Each trip has three sections:

  1. Expense to record expenses in the trip

  2. Balance to view the balance available from the budget after deduction of expenses.

  3. Stats to view the statistics on expenses in relation to cash or credit card payments, categories of expenditure.

In Expense section, with icons available at top right, with “Download” option, we can download list of expenses as Excel or CSV format, With search option, we can search for expenses and with “+” option, we can add new expense. While adding new expense, we can add Title, Currency like USD, Euro etc., Amount (in built calculator is provided for calculations), conversion rate to Home currency (auto captured from Internet. Can be changed if conversion rate is different),  Type of payment (Cash or Credit Card), Category of Expenditure like Shopping, Travelling etc., Date, Time (auto captured and can be modified if different),  Memo or description of expense, Images (up to 6). With save icon available at top right, we can save the expense. With “Dustbin” icon next to expenses, we can delete any specific expense.

In Balance Section, with search option, we can search for the budgets and with “$” option, we can add Cash Budget. On the page, we can view the available cash %, cash expense % in budgeted currency. We can also view, credit card expense.

In Stats, we can view the Trip name, expenditure on paid currency, expenditure in home currency, pie chart on categories of expenses, column Bar chart on % of expenses in comparison with budget. The statistics can be shared using Communication Apps.


From Menu, under “Information”,  we can view version.Under “All Projects Backup”, we can backup data of all projects in CSV, Excel or Zip folder. Under  “Restore Backup File(ZIP)”, we can restore Zip backups (pro version only). Under “Upgrade to Pro Version”, we can upgrade to.the pro version at the cost of Rs. 115/-. Under “Restore Purchases”, we can restore purchases from developer. Under “Rate & Review”, we can rate the App and under “Send Feedback”, we can send feedback to developer.

The user interface is simple, user friendly.

Overall, in our opinion, handtrip is useful to manage expenses for Individual trip or Family trip in various currencies and Home currency. Additional feature of ability to split expenses would have made handtrip more useful for group trips too. We recommend this App to track expenses and compare with budgeted amount for Individual and Family trips.

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