The Guardian for Android

While taking this APP for review as it is listed in Google Play Editors choice, it is stuck to our mind that is it necessary to review this APP?. It is very popular newspaper and this APP is just a Google Play version of it. After a debate among ourselves, we come to conclusion that our APP reviews are not to judge an APP but to make aware of various features of the APPs to users and tell them whether that APP is worth their time to try or not. In view of our introspection, the official APP of “The Guardian” is reviewed.

To use this APP, login is mandatory. We create an account with “The Guardian” or do social login with Google or Facebook.

Default Home page of the “The Guardian” displays news in nine (9) sections namely Headlines, Highlights, Sports, Opinions, World news under around the world, Special reports under In depth analysis, popular news in the world, the big picture articles and crossword puzzles.However, we can change our home page sections by adding or deleting sections with just tap.on icon available at top left next to home tab. In addition to the above nine sections news/information is categorized into 15 sections. We can also order for view arrangement of sections by just drag and drop.

Under menu, entire news/information is provided in 21 different sections ranging from UK news to Puzzles. Four tabs available at the bottom of the menu.

  1. Settings

  2. Articles saved for later

  3. Search section More

  4. More

In settings, six sections namely Accounts, Personalization, Update frequency, Offline reading, Support and About. Under Accounts section, we can view our recent read articles, authors, sections, subscribe for premium version at Rs. 250/- (approximate) per month and enjoy ad free version and sign out of account. Under personalization, we can edit home page, manage alerts for breaking news and its notification settings like vibration, sound etc., and change the desired edition to be viewed like UK edition, US edition, Australian edition or International edition. Under update frequency, we can set the frequency of time ranging from 1 minute to Never to check for updates, cache settings to SD card and clearing cache. Under offline reading, we can set download settings like whether to download on wifi or mobile network or to include comments in downloads or not, download set time etc. Under Support, we can enable to test beta (new) APP with our phone, read help articles or submit feedback. Under About us, we know about team, terms and conditions using this APP etc.

In Articles saved for later, we can see the articles saved for later and read them at our leisure time.

In search, we can search bases on topic, contributors or sections and read the desired articles.

While tapped on last tab i.e., More, no navigation is observed.

While reading the specific article, we can increase/decrease the font size share it with communication APPs like Whatsapp, Email, Message etc. or save it for later from the tabs available on right hand top. We can also follow contributors, if desired by tapping on the “Follow the xxxxxxx” to read more articles from the contributor.

Once viewed, we have the option to hide the advertisements in the APP.

In our opinion, as The Guardian is a newspaper, it will depend on the preference of newspaper. The user interface of the APP is very nice and several customisations will make the APP more effective. As the number of Ads are less, we recommend to try this APP for users of UK, US and Australia.

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