Google Fit – Fitness Tracking for Android

Google Fit – Fitness Tracking is designed to track physical activities throughout the day from Android Phone or Android wear watch and sync across devices

To use Google Fit, Google account sign in is mandatory. The Homepage display our daily target along its  progress, distance covered, Calories burnt, number of steps taken and time in the widget at the centre of the Homepage. Below the widget, we can view distance covered by us in various activities and list of activities. By tapping on the activity, we can access the activity page and view details about active time, total activity time (including paused time), average speed of activity, calories burnt with activity, Level of elevation of surface claimed during the activity.

With “+” available at the right bottom of the Homepage, we can “Start an activity”, “Log our weight” and “Add an Activity”.

Under Start an activity, we can select the type of activity from over 100 activities listed in APP. In case our activity is not part of the list, we can add it as “other” activity. On starting the session, pop up indicating Time, Distance, Calories burnt, Speed and other parameters (based on type of activity) will be displayed to keep track of the activity. We can lock the pop-up or pause the session. When the pop-up is locked, we can enable or disable voice notification. The activity will be autosaved when we end the end the activity. At any point of time, we can access the activity pop-up from notifications.

On participating in any activity, two new options “short activities” (based on time or distance – will differ from person to person based on the distance covered or time spent during the activity) and option to view activity details in “graph” will be made available. With short activities, we can show or hide short activities. With graph, we can view, graphs in relation to Distance covered, Calories burnt, Parameters like steps, speed etc. Weight, Heart rate for all activities by importing data from other Apps like Heart Rate, active time for each activity in comparison to goal time for a day or week or month.

From the Menu available at the top right, we can access Settings or Seek Help or Feedback from the developer. In the settings, we can set our daily goal for active time (in hours), Add favourite activities (in addition to default three activities – Walking, Running, Biking), Include our basic information like Gender, Height, Weight, set preferred starting day of the week (Monday or Sunday), set preferred units for measurements of Height (Centimeters, Feet and Inches), Weight (Kilograms, Pounds, Stone), Distance (Kilometers, Miles), Energy (Calories or Kilojoules). We can also view our account email id (useful if we have multiple emails), enable or disable “Activity Detection”, “High Accuracy Mode” to calculate, collect and store activities data including location data. We can connect Google Fit – Fitness Tracking with other Apps to share information, delete the activity history, if desired. We can enable or disable reminders, sound notifications, audio announcements, showing activity pop-up above the lock screen.

The flaw that defeats the purpose of this app is errors in calculation of distance, calories spent, parameters like number of foot steps. It look like that these parameters are calculated based on the time of activity instead of using GPS or other sensors on the device. This defeat the purpose of this APP.

Overall, in our opinion, the errors in  calculation of the parameters defeat the purpose this APP and make it unworthy to use it. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking has rich features like sync across devices, Graph analysis on activities, Cover more than 100 activities. At present, we do not recommend to use this APP and hope the developers will resolve this errors at the earliest.

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