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Go Keyboard is an Android emoji personalized keyboard trusted by 200 million users. Go keyboard is available in 60 + languages.

On opening an app, choose the Go Keyboard from language and input selection, switch the existing keyboard to Go Keyboard and select languages from 100 languages along with type of layout like QWERTZ, AZERTY etc. Now, the Go Keyboard is activated.

How to use Go Keyboard:

The Go Keyboard Homepage, have what divisions namely Personal, General and More.

Personal Division: The personal division how six options:

  1. Themes – Select themes from category are popular.
  2. Background – Select Portrait, Landscape backgrounds. Add image from Camera Gallery and modify transparency of the keyboard keys.
  3. Stickers – Download stickers to use stickers in communication apps like Whatsapp, Email etc.
  4. Fonts – Download preferred font from provided different style or access more fonts from website.
  5. Sounds – From settings at top right, enable or disable sound, vibration on keypress and adjust volume or duration. On sounds page, select preferred sound like typewriter, good, water drop, guitar, speaker, lion, cats, frog, dog etc.
  6. Emoji – As a part of the free version, default emojis are provided. To access additional emoticons with different expressions, pro version is necessary.

General Division: The general divisions have seven options

  1. Ad free – Upgrade Free version to Pro version
  2. Languages – Add additional languages to the keyboard
  3. Input – Enable or disable to display suggestions, next word prediction, punctuation position, hide Capital/T9 key on keyboard, auto correction, auto space, auto capitalization, emoji prediction.
  4. Display – Adjust portrait full screen landscape full screen keyboard size, suggestion font size. Enable or disable Arrow keys, search and key press popup.
  5. Sound and Vibrate – Enable or disable sound and vibration on key press adjust volume vibrate duration
  6. Dictionary – Enable or disable to learn new words, suggestions on contact names. Set personal dictionary, backup, restore or clear user dictionary.
  7. Plugins – Download and activate new plugins to the keyboards

More Division: Access FAQ, News and opt to follow the developer on Facebook.

Coming to the keyboard, from the options above the keyboard, access personal division, access Arc to change keyboard layouts, access emoticons and options to hide keyboard.

Our opinion: Overall, in our opinion, Go Keyboard is one of the simplest keyboard without confusion and options. If you prefer the simple keyboard go keyboard is for you. If you need more options, you opt for Ginger keyboard or Swift Keyboard.

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