Ginger Keyboard Emoji Keyboard for Android

Ginger Keyboard is an developed as advanced keyboard to facilitate easy typing across all the traditional (SMS typing) and modern applications (Whatsapp, Facebook etc.) .

As a keyboard, to start with, it facilitates double keyboard in single keyboard. One is general typing keyboard with the letters that are appearing on keyboard. Long press on any letter will provide additional letters from which you can select from. Keyboard caters to 58 languages where I don not know more than two i.e., English and Hindi only on which I can comment upon.

The prediction and suggestion of words works great. The grammar correction for the guys who know very little like me is like a boon. The alternative sentence formation provided may be used if that suits to your needs even though they seems to be various sentences formed using algorithm or manually in keeping view of the general predictions and not so advanced. Language dictionary is in-built available and you can add your personal words into it for your usage and delete them from settings sections as per your wish. With long press on the settings label on your keyboard, you can access settings page, language changing page. Great point is the keyboard can be resized in five different sizes which will help several people. Swiping text works good. I read the reviews of users on Google play complaining about it. But for me, it works good. Voice Input typing is great.

Coming to the advanced features, Ginger Keyboard provides you, along with other features of built-in keyboard, the definitions, translations, synonyms, auto replace from one language to other language, news, and share the text typed on Ginger page on your favorite APPS and small games i.e., only few that to for time pass, do not compare with advanced game APPs please.

The main aim of this keyboard is to ensure simple and better typing which it had done it very well. For communication other wise chatting APPs, it provides several smiley pictures in various categories along with listing frequently used pictures separately. It also provided popular caricatures, GIF images meant for specific meanings and preset image texts like HOT, LOL etc. to share with your loved ones.

Lets come to the look, it is absolute beautiful and you can place your loved theme on it by downloading from Ginger Store fro free to payment of Rs. 91/- and packs are available up to Rs. 250/-.

Overall, in our opinion, the Keyboard looks great along with advanced options and worth a try for the team effort put in to make a such wonderful keyboard. It absolutely qualify for Editor Choice on Google Play. PS: Myself replaced my default keyboard with this one.

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