Get Confirmed Tickets in Indian Trains – IRCTC Indian Rail Train Info

IRCTC Indian Rail Train Info offer suggestions to book confirmed ticket in Indian Railways.

IRCTC Indian Rail Train Info have four divisions:

  1. Search Trains

  2. PNR Enquiry

  3. Running Status

  4. Train Schedule

Search Trains:

In Recent searches, view the latest train search.

In New Search, Search for trains from Source station to Destination on the preferred date of journey. To input source and destination, use either station code or station name. If desired, apply filters on Seats Class (First AC, Second AC, Third AC, Sleeper, AC Chair Car, Second Seat, First Class, 3 A Economy) or Type of Booking (General or Tatkal). By default, APP search for lowest class available on train (Sleeper, Second Sitting, 3 A Economy) in General booking. Use “Invert Arrow” to reverse source and destinations to search for the return tickets.

In the search result page, list of trains along with departure and arrival time, station codes, train number and name, travelling time, train running days in a week, available classes highlighting the searched class in blue, availability of seats in search class and availability. The chances of getting confirmed ticket is indicated in Green, Yellow and Red dots. Green indicates chances of more than 70%,  Yellow indicates between 30-70% chances, Red indicates <30% chances to get confirmed tickets. If confirmed tickets are not available, avail the suggestions in alternate travel plans to get confirmed ticket. In header, source and destination station codes, date of journey, options to change class, type of booking, search trains for return journey, share on communication apps, rate the APP are available.

With tap on any preferred train, access the train page. In train page, availability of Seats in next 6 days to the search date, Train fare, schedule, train running status can be viewed and access IRCTC website to book tickets. In header, available options are similar to search result page. Only the change is that,  instead of type of booking, option to change the train is provided.

PNR Enquiry: On opening the PNR Enquiry page, IRCTC Indian Rail Train Info scan the Message Inbox to retrieve the upcoming or previous trips PNR and display in the respective sections. With tap on the PNR, current status if the reservation can be viewed. If SMS is not available or scanned, input PNR and view the current status.

Train Running Status: Input train number and select the day (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow) and check the current running status of train. Recent searches are displayed in this page.

Train schedule: Similar to train running status, view the train schedule.

From the other options on Homepage or Menu, access blog for tips on booking train tickets, rate the APP, Follow the developer on social network sites, Share the APP using communication APPs like WhatsApp, Messaging etc.,

Overall in our opinion, the best feature of this APP is suggestions on alternate options to get confirmed tickets. These options include to book tickets from earlier station or to the farther station or to change trains in the onward stations. As most of the people in India travelling in busy routes always find it difficult to get confirmed tickets. This APP is very useful for them.

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