Framy for Android

Framy is designed as a mobile platform (similar to Facebook or Twitter in platform but not in content) to share our emotions or stories with other Framy Community members through animated videos.

To use this APP, we need to create a username or create an account with Framy.

On Homepage, the latest posts are displayed. The animations are set for autoplay (similar to lazy load of web pages – animations autoplay on scrolling page). Each post contain the name of the uploader, the option to follow the uploader, the options to like, comment, share on social networking websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. and Communication Apps like WhatsApp, Email etc., report about post to the developer. The entire list of likes, comments can be accessed from Likes, Comments Pages respectively.

With “Camera” available at bottom right, we can access Framy studio to create our animation. With “+” available at bottom right, we can access various options to create animation.The “?” available at top right, guide to help on various icons and functions in the respective sections.

In the Options, with Image option, we can add images from Camera (by taking the picture) or Gallery or Framy default collection.

With Magic wand option, we can draw on the Image using “+” and erase drawn objects using “-“. We can set the size of pencil or eraser in four different sizes from the “Dots” provided at the bottom of the APP. From the “Refresh” icon, we can reset and discard all the drawn objects from the Image.

With “Person” option , we can insert an animated object. On tapping on the object, we change the face of the object, style of animation, various accessories like clothes, hairstyle, dresses etc. in Edit Animation. We can set our own face or provided preset faces to the animated objects. The accessories can be accessed from “T Shirt” icon available at top right.

With “T” option, we can insert text into image in six different fonts and align left or centre or right and increase or decrease the font size. The colour of the text can be set as either Black or White.

With “Music” option, we can record our own voice/music or set provided songs as background music.

On completion of our animation video, we can post it on community page. The posts can be posted as “Public” or “Only to Me” section for public and private videos respectively.

From the “Myfeed” Menu on Homepage, we can access Framy studio, discover various people on community, view notifications, Find or Invite friends from Contacts or Facebook. Under “settings”, we can set email, rate APP, Delete an account from Framy.With coins purchased from Framy Bank (can be accessed from top right icon store page), we can purchase transition effects for the images from Store.

Overall, in our opinion, Framy is a new social platform for creative people to share their emotions, creative stories with others. However, we really doubt whether the people will be interested in putting required efforts in creating animation just to express their feelings or stories. From the point of view of graphics, music, ease in use of APP functions, developer had kept lot of efforts to make this APP pleasing. If we want to be creative in expression, we may try this APP and decide to continue or not.

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