Follow the Honourable Prime Minister of India through his Official APP – Narendra Modi

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Narendra Modi is an WebView android app of Honourable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi official website

On Homepage, view latest news or articles on various programs or events. From the sort bar, sort the news or articles either as recent or popular. With one tap on any article, access the full article to read in WebView (including images), Smart View (only the text a) picture view (only the images). From the option Social, share key points on Facebook, Twitter etc. or through communication apps like Email, Messaging etc. From the option Video, access speeches of Narendra Modi.

From the options available at top right on the article page, Increase or Decrease the text size, Bookmark the news or article, Search for the article, access options menu. From “Share” option available at right bottom, share the articles on Facebook, Twitter etc. or through communication apps like Email, Messaging etc.

Options Menu:

From the options menu available at top right, sort articles on ascending or descending date, search for articles and from options, access the following:

  1. News – Access News.
  2. Discussion forum – Participate or share your ideas on the blog on various programs or issues
  3. Read it Later – Read bookmarked articles in leisure time
  4. Interact with PM –  Access Inbox to read messages from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. if desired, Write to PM to give ideas or suggestions. Write to PM and Give ideas and Suggestions are a webpages of
  5. Messages –  View Greetings and messages from PM Narendra Modi on various occasions
  6. To Do Task – View current task and avail opportunity to contribute to the society by participating in the various tasks like movement to conserve water, transforming agriculture, Women transformation etc. and earn bonus points
  7. Mann Ki Baat – View videos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Mann Ki Baat video series in various Indian languages
  8. Watch Live –  View live videos of Narendra Modi, if any, on National events and International events
  9. Social Buzz – View Facebook posts, Twitter tweets from the Narendra Modi official Facebook and Twitter pages
  10. Blogs – Read various blog articles
  11. Speeches – View key points of the speech and the full text of the speech of Narendra Modi in various programs
  12. Interviews – View key points and full text of interviews given by Narendra Modi
  13. Biography – View biography of Narendra Modi
  14. Governance – access details of various programs or government initiatives introduced by the Government for the welfare of the Indians.
  15. Global Recognition – View details on various activities of Indian Prime Minister at International Forum
  16. Infographics – View statistics on various parameters like Roads, Electricity, Financial inclusion, Forex reserves in comparison with earlier data
  17. Media – View news articles from various newspapers on the government initiatives and Honourable Prime Minister
  18. Help and Feedback – Seek help or provide Feedback
  19. Settings – Enable or disable notifications on various sections of the App like news updates, Interact with PM messages, Mann Ki Baat. Set Preferred language from English or Hindi, preferred language for Mann Ki Baat from over 29 languages, share the App with friends using communication apps, Login or Logout from the APP.
  20. My Profile – Access your profile page and modify personal data

Our Opinion: Overall, in our opinion, following Honourable Prime Minister through his official website or APP provide authentic and reliable information. If you like Narendra Modi and want to update yourself about his activities, thoughts and achievements, Narendra Modi is must have App.

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