Find Cheapest Taxi with App Taxy – Compare Book Taxi Cabs

Taxy is designed to help Indian users in making smart decisions about their taxi rides. This App covers nine taxi aggregators like Meru, Ola, Uber, Tabcab etc. in 29 Indian cities.

On opening an App, if location/ GPS is activated, the location will be auto detected. If location is not detected, Taxy request to select any of the 29 cities, namely Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi etc. The city selected or auto detected will appear on right top of the Homepage. List of available taxi aggregators like Meru, Tabcab, Ola, Uber etc. (Based on city).

Inputs on Origin and Destination address can be made at “x” and “y” input fields and the available cabs can be viewed. Taxis can be sorted in two ways – 1. Nearest 2. Cheapest. It may be noted that nearest cabs can be viewed with input of origin place itself. , However, to view the cheapest taxis, Destination input is required as the App needs to calculate the distance to be traveled and estimated fare from origin to destination. Taxy also facilitate to book taxis from current location for self or by entering the origin point for others. The location can be auto detected by tapping on the option on the right hand side of the origin input box. While entering the origin or destination, the addresses are auto suggested for easy and accurate inputs.

In the taxi division of the Home page, the list of taxis including the name of the taxi aggregator, category of taxi provided (mini, hatchback, sedan etc.), estimated travel distance between origin and destination, estimated journey time, approximate taxi fare, minutes to reach taxi to the origin can be viewed. Based on the selected option, i.e., either “Nearest” or “Cheapest”, the list of available taxis are sorted.

On verification of the details, if desired, to book a taxi, with option “Go To APP”, aggregator App can be opened and book taxi. With tap on the desired taxi, coupon code, if any, to avail discounts on the estimated fare can also be viewed. At present, taxi does not offer book taxis from it, but provides information on real time about taxis and their fares.

From the Menu available at the top left, Register or Login using an existing account, Google+ or Facebook (Mobile number needs to be provided and verified with OTP). We can also view Booking history, Offers, Call taxi aggregators to book over the telephone, Rate the APP, Share APP to the friends using communication APPs like Messaging, Email, WhatsApp etc. Or Schedule Search for taxis. With “Schedule Search” option, notification or reminder can be set for the scheduled date and time to search for the taxis.

Shortcoming observed is that Taxy will not provide information on availability of Taxis for an advance booking.

In view of the famous quotations “Money Saved is equal to Money earned” and “Information is Wealth”, we believe in using the best services at reasonable costs.

Overall, in our opinion, Taxy – Compare Book Taxi Cabs will help us to save by comparing the available taxis in terms of price and time. Additionally, one of its replies on Google Play reviews, developer claims the introduction of booking cabs of few taxi aggregators from the App directly. Hence, We suggest to try this App.

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