File Commander – File Manager for Android

File Commander – File Manager is File Manger + FTP Client + File Sharer with Cloud/Local network computer + File Zip. File Commander – File Manager is merged with additional features to the default file manager.

All the files on Internal storage or SD card are segregated into pre-defined categories namely Pictures, Music, Videos, Documents and Archives. From the respective category, you can access the files on phone which can be renamed, copied, cut, delete, moved t other folder or opened to work with file. Additionally, you can also access files from your cloud accounts on Google Drive, Drop Box, Box, Sugar Sync, One Drive or Amazon Cloud Drive. In case if you maintain any web server for your website/other purposes, you can access files on Server through FTP/FTPS.

Files (after ZIP/without ZIP) can be shared with your friends who are using File Commander using Wifi Direct Facility without incurring any data charges from your operator. The files can be opened using Audio player, Video player or in other format opener. However, File Commander – File Manager does not recognize the format which make you to choose the appropriate program. While using transfer of files through Wifidirect, small files were easily transferred and problem with transfer of huge files like films is experienced. Using File Commander – File Manager for deletion of files does not serve purpose as they will be stored in Recycle-Bin. To access Recycle-Bin, you have to upgrade to premium membership by paying Rs. 300/- which seems to be foolish. Without using this, you can delete the files directly from default manager and enjoy free space on SD Card or your phone.

In our opinion, File Commander – File Manager is another app which combined several apps and floated on Google Play and nothing much great.”

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