#fame-Live Video,Celebs & More for Android

#fame-Live Video,Celebs & More is designed to create fan base with creative videos (either live or recorded videos). Fans can view the videos or shows.

#fame is operated from Mumbai since 2013 specifically targeted towards Bollywood.

On opening #fame App, it seeks for Login using Google A/c or Facebook A/c or to Create an Account. However, we can skip the Login with option “Not Now” and proceed to the Homepage of the App.

The Home Page is divided into two sections

1. Live – Provide the list of ongoing or scheduled live shows. On tapping on ongoing live shows, we can proceed to the video page to view the show.

2. On Demand – Provide the list of recorded videos. These videos are also available on YouTube as the videos are being stored on YouTube server under Famebox Channel. To view On Demand videos, YouTube App is need to be installed on the device. On tapping on the video, we can proceed to the video page.

Each video provides the title of the video, name of the creator, existing fan base to him/her, option to follow the video creator. With the search available at the top right, we can search for videos. #fame features videos in eight Genre namely Fashion, Food, Music, Comedy, Famous, Tech, Hollywood, Bollywood.

Coming to the Video Page, this page load the YouTube Player to view the video. It also lists out title of the video, number of likes and dislikes, number of views, options to share video using Communication Apps like Gmail, Whatsapp etc., Name of the creator along with existing fan base, list of comments on the video, option to provide our comments. To provide comments, we need to Login to the App.

The other pages on the App are

  1. FTL (Fame Talent League) – list out the top beamers, on Daily (or selected date), Monthly and Seasons (if any). In this contest, we may win prizes worth 1 Crore based on the our content duration (beam), Views, Likes and fan base.

  2. Notifications – Notifications to view our favourite beamer shows or videos or other popular videos

  3. Profile – To view the profile of us. With Settings option available at right top, we can enable or  disable Notifications (subject to account login), Change App language (English or Bahasa -Indonesian official language), Change Password, Rate or Share the App, Follow #fame on Facebook, Twitter, Google+

From the website, we can access the pages of #fame on LinkedIn, Instagram, Dailymotion too.

From its website Brandsup page, it can be observed that #fame assist in Social Marketing & Analytics, engage with other fame stars. However, we ar not sure whether the income from advertising on YouTube Videos will be shared with beamers or not.

Overall, in our opinion, If you are interested in fame, you may start with this App. If others like content and creativity (based on fanbase, likes and dislikes), you may create own channel. You may also use videos as profile (like Resume) to seek opportunities in the Film Industry. If you like to watch videos,the content and quality on the live shows is mediocre with problems of internet from the creators end. On Demand videos can be viewed from YouTube App or YouTube website. It does not make any sense for us to have this App on device unless we wish to follow the particular creator. The worst part that it seems that Live Shows are not being monitored, one video on January 06, 2016 (Live Show – Titled my secret funda) in which guy showing private parts is observed. This defeats the entire theme or purpose of this App. Hence, we do not recommend this App.

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