EXPLARA – Events & Experiences for Android

Explara is designed to locate exciting events based on our interested activity or desired objective near to our location. At present, Explara is offering services in 11 cities of India namely Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kochi and Leh Ladakh.

From Menu available at right bottom, we can access the broad list of objectives namely Learn, Entertainment, Sports, Food & Drinks, Active & Outdoor.  We can select the desired objective and view all activities in relation to them.

On entering into App, Exploration request for signup or Login using Facebook Login. However, It is not mandatory to use the App except while making payment to participate in Activity or Event. We can skip the Login and proceed to the Homepage of the App.

On Homepage, broad categories namely Awesome Weekend, Business and Technology, Workshops, Fitness and Games, Tech Geek, Theatre and Parties etc. are displayed. These categories differ from location to location and based on available activities/events.
The Board activities are further divided into several sub categorized based on the various activities available at the location.  In sub category page, list of activities along with Title, Dates of activities / events, Location of activity, Full/Part price to be paid to participate in the Activity.

Few broad categories are as detailed for understanding:
In Awesome activities, activities are subcategorized into Business, Technology, Workshop, Adventure, Health, Food, Hobbies, Sports, Adventure Untamed etc.

In Business and Technology, activities are subcategorized into Business, Technology, Workshop, Hobbies etc.

In Workshops, activities are subcategorized into Workshop, Photography etc.

In Fitness and Games, activities are subcategorized into Sports, Bicycle vacations etc.

In Tech Geek, activities are subcategorized into Technology etc.

In Theatre and Parties, activities are subcategorized into Entertainment, Arts, Sports etc.

From the sub categories, we can observe that various activities are listed in more than one sub category.

On tapping on any activity in sub category page, we can access activity page. On activity page, we can view dates, code name, starting time, price, brief description, sub categories in which the activity is listed, Location map, Terms and conditions, Itinerary (if activity is a trip and option to buy tickets, if interested. With share option available at top right, we can share the activity using Communication Apps like WhatsApp, Email, Messaging etc.

If interested, we can enroll to participate in the activity by providing our details and making payment from Payment gateway. We also have options to use Paytm wallet or Ola money.

Overall, in our opinion, EXPLARA is a type of shopping app where all its products are activities across various cities or locations. This App will be useful if we want to learn or experience new in weekends or holidays. This is the first kind of an app we have seen to offer the details of various activities  being organized in our town and facilitate to participate in them to learn of have fun. We recommend this app to try, if you wish to learn/engage in interested activities in free time.

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