Onefootball adidas & EURO 2016: Official App – One Football

Follow Euro 2016, World Cup and all other national and international football matches with an Android App, One football. Adidas and Euro 2016 ae the official sponsors of Onefootball.

From the Menu, access the following options:

  1. In News, access news updates on favourite teams or on football teams.
  2. In Matches, access matches of favourite teams or all matches. From “Timer”, view live matches and from “Calendar” view matches on the day. From the option “See Table”, visit Series Page and view matches at each stage (select stages from drop down menu), points table, Stage schedule, Series news, statistics on scorers, Assists, Goal & Assists, Yellow cards etc. and set your favourite team to follow matches and news. If prefered, bookmark the series page and share using communication Apps.
  3. In Friends, Login with facebook account, to follow matches with friends.
  4. In Profile, under “Settings”, add or delete the favourite teams, series and enable or disable push notifications for top news, news round ups. Under “Account”, connect with facebook account. Under “More”, enable or disable to display images by the App based on the internet usage. Under “Info” at top right, provide feedback to the developer, view privacy policy and know more about “Onefootball”
  5. From other options, access favourite series pages, browse competitions and teams.

Overall, in our opinion, One football is the one stop solution for the football fans to follow their favourite teams in National as well as International series like Euro 2016, World cup etc.

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