Equalizer music player booster for Android

Equalizer music player booster is a mix of Music Player + Equalizer + Bass Booster.

Music player has 6 displays of sons namely recent, tracks, artists, albums, genres and playlist. The entire list of music available on the our device will be displayed under these 6 displays. In any case, Equalizer music player booster did not recognized any audio, we can access it from the file manager or by search available at right hand top. The quality of the music is mediocre and doesn’t sound great.

While playing the songs we can access 4 facilities. 1. Bassboost 2. Equalizer 3. Visualization 4. Fade duration

In Bassboost, the volume can be adjusted with amplifier b y on/off. In Visualization 5 types of audio graphs are provided. These graphs will sync with your music. This graphs can be viewed in fullscreen mode or  resized mode. The Fade Duration can be switched on/off from its section. Equalizer music player booster facilitates to increase and decrease the music volume in a sequential manner from 0-20 seconds in Fade Duration section.

Coming to equalizer, 5 bands namely bass,  low, mid, upper and high values ranging between -18 to +18 are provided to optimize the listening music. 10 presets namely Acoustic, Classical, Dance, Electro, Flat, Hip-hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rock are provided. However, we can customize the bands in the desired mode and save it as an additional preset.

Equalizer music player booster provided a facility to share favourite music with friends through communication APPs like Whatsapp, Gmail, Messaging, Bluetooth etc.

In our opinion, Equalizer music player booster is not much useful for the rooted mobiles with custom ROMs. The equalizer may be useful for the users of unrooted phones. Further the frequent ads on the APP may disturb your mood. Accordingly, this APP may not worth much of your time.

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