Elevate – Brain Training for Android

Elevate – Brain Training is developed to improve clarity in our thoughts, focus on reading and listening, problem solving skills, to retain more of what we hear and read, improve mental vocabulary and process the information faster.

To access Elevate – Brain Training, login is mandatory.You can create account or do social login through Google or Facebook. Before striating of the training, sample tests will be carried out to analyze your existing skills and put you in appropriate level.

The training is segregated into different levels like Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite,Master etc. Based on the scores in the sample tests, the training will be started from respective level. Elevate – Brain Training is broadly divided into three categories – 1. Training; 2. EPQ; 3. Study materials

In training, games are divided into five sections i.e., Writing, Math, Reading, Speaking and Listening. Under section, different games to improve our abilities is created with new approach. For example, under Writing section, in the game of Brevity, you have to identify the unnecessary words in the sentence and remove them to increase the score. This type of game improves the vocabulary skills.

Similarly, under section Reading, in the game o Processing, empty blocks along with blocks containing information is provided where you have to read the information and answer the questions at the end of the game. In the same way,under section Speaking, in the game of memory, audio file provide various persons, their roles or places and clip arts assigned to respective persons will be displayed. At the end of the game, we have to answer questions on the information detailed in the file.This game improves our listening and memory skills.

On Day 1, access to three games is provided and on further days, one new game per day and subsequent levels in the existing games were also unlocked. To access pro games or games without restriction, premium version is needed. In EPQ, we can get details of scores and rankings across various sections. We can also set weekly goal and plan the training accordingly. To access the Activity section, premium version is needed. In Study materials, books on Public Speaking, Speed Reading, Math, Vocabulary building are provided.

For free version, very few books were available for access. For more books, you need a premium version. As a part of review, book on Word of fundamentals which claim to detail word roots, prefixes ands suffixes is reviewed and observed that material need a lot ofimprovement. Developer claims that new books will be added for every month. The user interface of the Elevate – Brain Training is very nice and graphics are awesome. The structure of games are new and provide a fresh feel and look. The premium version cost us Rs. 96/- per month, Rs. 550/- per year and Rs. 2,000/- for lifetime membership.

In our opinion, the free version ofElevate – Brain Training worth a try and decide on purchase of premium version if free version displays any improvement on us.

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