Dashlane Password Manager for Android

Dashlane Password Manager is a password manager which creates strong passwords for various online accounts and stores on your devices as well as on their server in your account.

Dashlane is using AES-256 encryption which is best as on date and not recorded any known successful cyber-attacks as on date. Dashlane Password Manager comes with Dashlane browser.

While accessing internet through this browser, the passwords can be automatically generated, stored for various account logins and reused while accessing the stated accounts at later point of time. It also features to save passwords to access various APPs on your devices. Dashlane Password Manager can sync your account details with passwords, debit card,credit card details across various devices while you login with your account on Dashlane. It also feature to share passwords with others and auto fill details when required.

Dashlane Password Manager has three main features:

1. Password Generation, Storing and Usage

2. Payment wallet to store your card details

3. Storing IDs data like passport.

When we review, the basic question that struck our mind is that with whom we share our passwords. The answer to this question emerged as trust is the basic factor that decides whether to share your Card details and Passwords of your various accounts. Then, the next question comes is that whether you can trust Dashlane Password Manager to store your all sensitive information and can rest with peace of mind.

To get answer to this question, we searched various details of this APP developer. Dashlane Password Manager is initially released in 2012 and received several awards and featured and praised by several newspapers. However, giving my privy information like credit card numbers, ID details, passwords to various websites make me lose my peace of mind and make me feel that I am at mercy of others. I do not like such feeling and do not want to be at the mercy of others. The APP may provide unbelievable comfort but I prefer to have peace of mind. Trusting a three year old company where I am not able to find their address for communication on their website is hard for me. If I really want to store my passwords, I prefer to save in Google Spreadsheet and save in Google Drive. I may miss the facility of auto filling, but I am OK with it to save my peace of mind.

Based on my assumptions, the security of data is at stake in two ways.

1. Attack by outsiders

2. Stealing by internal employees.

As the company is using advanced encryption technology, I am not much worried about Outside attackers. The company may update its encryption software from time to time. Coming to the second – Stealing by internal employees, I am not aware of the security measures taken by it. If any loss occurred on usage of my credit cards or debit cards or banking passwords,I cannot go anywhere to claim it as I do not have address of Company and it is not located in my Country too.

In my opinion, for the sake of convenience, it is too risky to share our information to some unknown entity and regret at a later stage. Personally, I do not recommend to try this APP.

PS: Please note that in this review,“I” was used mostly than “”We””because all the expressed opinions are of my own. You are free to try or use this if you wish as per your convenience or opinions. This article is not to defame/decrease the value of this APP or Company or any Entity.

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