Daily Current Affairs Updates & Quiz APP for Competetive Exams

As current affairs and general knowledge (GK) is important section to score in almost all the competitive exams bank exams, government jobs, daily updates are necessary. Daily Current Affairs & Quiz APP is designed to help the job seekers in updating their current affairs and general knowledge. The current affairs updates can be accessed either in English or Hindi.

Daily Current Affairs & Quiz provide all the current affairs in news format highlighting the important points as bullet points. Each current affair update covers the Title, relevant image, important points. The important and relevant news may be bookmarked from the “Bookmark” option available at top right of the current affair update. This will help for easy access to read the updates at the leisure time.

The current affairs updates are categorized on basis of dates i.e, February 29, February 28 etc. By default, Daily Current Affairs & Quiz APP display the current affairs of today. To view the current affairs on any specific date, tap on the date or push the current affair update to right (previous day) / left (next day) or select date from the calendar appears on scrolling the dates to left. On selection of any date, Current affairs can be accessed by pushing the current update UP (next update) or Down (Previous update).

At the bottom of the APP, option to read the current affairs, attempt the Current affairs Quiz, access the bookmarks, modify the APP settings are available.

In “Read”, read the current affairs updates.

In ‘Quiz”, the the current affairs quiz questions for the selected date. Quiz consist upto 20 Questions along with five options to answer in similar pattern of competitive exam. Answer to the questions can be answered with tap on the current answer. On tap on the answer, APP validates the submitted answer and display the correct answer along with the relevant extract from the current affairs updates.

In “Bookmarks”, access the bookmarks. Please note that to bookmark or access bookmarks or to view the reading progress on updates, sign up to the APP.

In “Settings”, Set the language to either English or Hindi, enable or disable Push Notifications, Submit feedback, Rate the APP, Share the APP using Communication APPs like Email, Messaging, WhatsApp etc.

During this Review, it is observed that all the updates are from the point of the Current affairs needed for the exams but not to flood with the general news.

Our Opinion: Overall, in our opinion, Daily Current Affairs & Quiz APP is must have APP for all competitive exam prepares update on Current Affairs and avoid reading all the newspapers and to take daily Current Affairs Quiz for self evaluation. Current affairs and Quiz questions can be read either in Hindi or English facilitate the convenience the prepares to opt for the desired language.

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