Cookbook Recipes for Android

Cookbook Recipes is a guide for cooking covering Biryani & Pulao, Sweets, Dal Dishes, Breakfast, Indian Beverages, Salads, Soups, Pizzas, Grilled Chicken, Mayonnaise Recipes, Chocolates and Cakes. It covers special section for Healthy and Kids recipes. It includes features of adding recipes as favorites, edit existing recipes to your taste under section “My Fork”. You can also share shopping list for loved recipes to shop, schedule your meal under “Meal Planner”.

APP can be set to your preferred language from the language list. For each dish, information on calories is also added which help you to decide on your dish. You can also share your loved dishes with others and sync with android devices. Explanation of dishes is elaborate and very easy to follow.

Language used is also very simple. It also list out famous dishes from Spanish, Taiwan, Pakistani, Portuguese along with regular Chinese and Indian dishes. Search in the APP is very useful and list out several related mouthwatering dishes.

Library of dishes is very extensive covering several dishes on Chicken, Mutton, Pork, Fish, Turkey, Beef and almost all the vegetables. It also indicate required time for cooking. By purchase of premium version, you can access several other dishes, add free version and save recipes for off-line use. As on date, premium version costs Rs. 20/- per month and Rs. 99/- per year. In the free version, adds pop-up (OK if you like the recipes) creating little itchy feeling. The videos for complicated dishes would have been very helpful.

Overall, the developer made a great effort to bring out several mouthwatering dishes to you which should be complemented. The low price of the premium version may enable the APP to reach users in large.

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