Colorfy – Coloring Book Free for Android

Colorfy is a Color therapy app designed to relax you from anxiety and stress. To understand this app much better we should understand about the Coloring therapy.

Background: Color therapy is also known as Chromotherapy, Colorology or Cromatherapy which uses the light in the form of color balance to balance physical, spiritual or mental levels of a person. The history of Chromotherapy dates back to 980 BC where Avicennawrote in his book “The canon of medicine” stating that seeing color as a vital importance in diagnosis and treatment and can be used as a observable symptom of disease. Thereafter, several scholars and scientists conducted experiments and detailed their observations in their books. Few famous books are “The influence of Blue Ray of the Sunlight and of the Blue Color of the Sky”, “The principles of light and color” and “Let there be Light”. Many people in India align theory of Chromotherapy with Seven chakras identified in human body. It is believed that each chakra represent to one colour. Accordingly, seven colors of Chromotherapy i.e., Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red represent seven chakras. It is also believed that seven chakras and seven colors represents to seven psychological feelings and seven parts of the human body. Accordingly, Chromotherapy developed as branch of alternative medicine and being practiced from centuries. However, there is no recognition from Medical Regualtors/Authoritiesas there are no corroborative evidences to support its claims.

In this background from 1970s, Coloring books are being published for adults to help them to relax from anxiety and stress. These books became popular from 2012 started from France and became popular in US and Britain. Two coloring books becoming the top sellers on Amazon in November 2015 had caught more attraction from people towards Coloring books for adults. Similar to the books, APPs for devices also floated in to market.

Now, in view of the above background, we will review the Coloryfy APP. The Colorfy segregated into three sections

– Library consisting of inputs for your coloring; Get Inspired consisting finished work to inspire and teach you to color and My Works

– to save your colored skeches.

In the Library, several sketches under sections namely Florals, Animals, Famous, Messages, Cats, Gardens, Patterns, Mandalas, Oriental, Exotic, Featured Halloween and Authors were provided. In these sections, you can color only up to Level one. For Level 2, you have upgrade for pro version.It also features to design your own design.

Coming to the colors, developer provided the inspiring colors. The different sections of the colors are Basic Colors, Vivid colors, Shades of dark, Autumn, Lullaby, Chill mood and Several pallets on daily basis.You can get more colors on upgrading to pro version. You canalso add filters i.e, backgrounds like terrain for your sketches. The design you sketched can be shared with your loved one through Communication APPs like Whatsapp, Bluetooth, E-mail, Messaging etc.

This APP comes with 7 days free trail and upgrading will cost you Rs. 520/- per month or Rs. 2,570/- per annum. Be aware that upgrading is auto renewal subscription which will charge your card automatically without intimation unless you specifically unsubscribe it.

In our Review, the APP takes lot of time to work or hang frequently on phones which have RAM less than 750 MB. In our opinion, there is difference between treatments of Chromotherapy practiced by trained therapists to coloring books on your own and charges for the pro version is too costly and the method of automatic renewal is a catch. From the view of the science, there is no evidence to claim that coloring books or from therapist yield results. Hence, it depends on the personal preference and belief to go with this APP or not. From our view, the APP developers provided awesome sketches to color but it is better to avoid this APP to use it for reliving from Stress and to relax in the absence of the scientific evidences.”

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