City mapper – Real Time Transit for Android

Citymapper – Real Time Transit is a preferred guide for travellers. Citymapper – Real Time Transit is divided into three sections –

1. City – Different lines/routes of popular transport in the selected city are provided

2. Go  – Maps and facilities to set places like Home, Work etc. are provided

3. Near – Details of nearby places to avail various modes of transportation are provided

In the City Section, details of various transportation lines/routes available in the selected city are provided. The APP facilitates to save desired line and activation for alerts in disruption of line. On selection of the desired transportation line, list of various stages/stops of the selected line along with indication of linkage stops with other lines can be viewed. In other separate divisions, status of the line, map of the line can also be viewed. The desired line can be saved or shared with friends through communication APPs like Whatsapp, Bluetooth, Gmail etc. The view can also be saved to clipboard to paste it somewhere else in the device. By tapping on the map in the section at top, we can view System Maps (Route maps) and Regional Map (Map aligned to places) in offline mode.

In the Go Section, map of transportation lines indicating route lines, route stations, changeover/linking stations to other lines is provided. By tapping on the desired station, the schedule of transportation like train timings, bus timings etc. along with travelling duration to other stations can be viewed. Additionally, station can be saved or shared with friends through Communication APPs. Further, places with different names/types like Home, Work etc. can be saved and route to that saved place from our existing place can be searched. Facility to share a specific place with friends as a meeting spot is also provided.

In the Near Section, nearest transport options available from the existing spot can be viewed in desired mode of transport and choose the relevant mode. In case of our mode of transport is taxi, option to direct us to the relevant taxi app to book the taxis is also provided. In this section, we can also save specific stops and nearest transport to that stops can also be viewed.

In every section, desired places can be searched and various routes to reach the desired place can be viewed.

In total, 29 top cities were listed as on date.

Under Menu, we can login to save and sync the data with respective account. We can also do social login using Google or Facebook. We can switch the desired city with one tap. We can also share or invite friends from Facebook to use this APP.

In our opinion, Citymapper – Real Time Transit is one APP for travellers who visits a lot of cities. The local people may find it boring as they are aware of most of the information provided by this APP.

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