Chhota Bheem Jungle Run for Android

Bhima (also called as Bheem) is one of the character of Pandavas in Mahabharata, an Indian Mythology. He is known for his strength. Chhota Bheem is running game by overtaking various obstacles and collecting (laddoos – coins). The game is designed using mythological characters, weapons, animals etc. Its is presented by Parle G, brand of an Indian biscuit company Parle products.

Theme of the Game: Chhota Bheem is far away from Dholakpur. To reach, he  has to travel through Jungle filled with wicked and weird creatures like  Witches, mummies, huge stones, bad bees and deadly snakes. We have to help him to run, slide and fly to reach his home early.

Chhota Bheem can be played as a single player or compete with other players in a multi player option.

On Homepage, at the top of the screen, we can view the number of laddoos collected and access the other games of the developer. At the centre of the screen we can opt to play the game either as a single player or multiplayer. At the bottom of the screen, we can view the % of power available, daily Leaderboard with the list of 5 persons who travelled longest distance during the day, upgrade powerups like head start, 2x  or 3x laddoos, invincible (can not obstructed and travel in speed), magnet to attract laddoos. We can also enable or disable music, share the APP using communication apps like Whatsapp, Email, Messaging etc., and upgrade to Ad-APP for cost of Rs.10/-.

In addition to the default avatar bheem, the game can be played in 3 more additional characters. However, these characters should be purchased with the collected laddoos of 1000, 5000,10000.

In the game we have to cover the distance as far as possible by avoiding the wicked and weird creatures and collect as many as laddoos. The wicked and weird creatures are at top, middle and bottom. With one touch on the screen, we can guide Bheem to fly and slide. Using this feature we have to avoid wicked and weird creatures and cover the distance as far as possible and collect the laddoos.

At each time, up to 3 times, Bheem is wicked and weird creatures (we failed to guide him properly), either we have to watch the advertisement or opt to give up specified number of laddoos to continue. The mission to cover the distance is set with the interval of 250 miles. Every Time, while starting the game, our mission is displayed based on the previously covered maximum distance. The speed of the Bheem will increase after 1000 miles.

If Bheem energy reached to 0% (as shown on Homepage) we have to wait for a specified number of minutes based on the number of attempt or opt to watch an advertisement to gain 10% of energy.

On opting to the multi player challenge, we can enter into the random challenge. The other player will be identified randomly. We can complete the challenge and posted to the other player to complete it within our time period. In this mode the number of lives/ chances is not limited.

In our opinion Chhota Bheem – Jungle Run is an entertainment and fun game with low level of difficulty and less cost for ad free. The graphics and music are excellent. We recommend this game to try and have fun.

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