Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic of Google for Android

Waze is designed as a Google Maps + Real time help for each other to outsmart the traffic together.

Waze is developed in Israel and acquired by Google in 2013. Additional functionality in waze in addition to Google Maps or other Navigation Apps is community support on realtime information. Adequate user base for waze will enable to use its full functionality. As per wikipedia, at preset, Waze is popularly used in 13 countries namely United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Israel , South Africa, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Panama.

City mapper – Real Time Transit for Android

Citymapper – Real Time Transit is a APP for travellers and city guide with time schedule of various transport options of Bus, Metro, Cab, Ferry, Walk etc. Features: Multimodal Journey Planner Personalisation to set places as Home, Work etc. Transit Maps Facility to book cabs with transit providers Share GPS coordinates through SMS, Whatsapp, EMail, Twitter etc. Facility to save transportation lines and getting alerts