Trello for Android

Trello is designed as a simple and flexible collaborative tool to organise the list of activities to get done in the form of boards, lists and cards weather it may be organising the team or writing a book or tasks to be done in our daily life.

SwiftKey Keyboard for Android | Best Use Series

SwiftKey Keyboard help us to type faster with word predictions based on our typing habits. SwiftKey Keyboard provides 100+ languages including hybrid languages like Hinglish. Multiple Keyboards of different languages can be enable and able to switch keyboard with just one swipe on space bar. Layout like QWERTY can be selected per language.

Dashlane Password Manager for Android

Dashlane Password Manager is a pasword manager which generate complex passwords for various online accounts and provide easy access by using the stored passwords Features: • Safely store passwords, credit cards, IDs and more in one safe place • Login to apps and websites in seconds • Use your digital wallet to make secure payments on the go • Get security breach alerts for your logins and passwords • Create strong passwords for all your accounts