Candy Camera for Android

On entry to the Homepage, navigational directions informing about filters availability at up, down and side of the App screen. Following filters are available:

  1. Timer – we can set the timer to take a picture ranging from 3 to 15 seconds. This feature will be very helpful while taking self pictures. For example, if timer is set to 5 seconds, App will wait for 5 seconds to take a picture.

  2. Touch for Image – we can set to take a picture on touching anywhere in the screen or to touch only on the provided icon to take the picture. Touching on anywhere in the screen will be helpful while taking the selfies with rear camera for better picture quality as in general, rear camera on the devices have high pixel. set settings to shoot pictures upto 2 continuously in the desired theme as selected in theme section. We can also save original image separately in addition to the image with effects.

  3. Change to front/rear – We can change camera from rear to front or from front to rear to take pictures.

In addition to the above four options, we can also set flash on or off or auto settings, multiple images with single touch, enable or disable grid lines on the screen, settings with icon next to the camera at top of the App page.

Access to Gallery, settings to the aspect ratio like 3:4, 1:1, multiple images in different layouts ranging from 2 to 100 pictures in single layout, access to 25 themes like lemonade, rainbow, baby pink etc., Categories namely classic, selfie and unique can be accessed with the icons available at bottom of the App.

On right hand side of the app, with the light adjuster, we can adjust focus of light/bright ness of the image.

On accessing the Settings menu from the icon available on the top screen, we can set off the sound on taking picture using silent option, enable or disable continuous shooting of photos,

At the top of the Homepage, three options namely search, file tabs and settings are provided. With search option, we can search files on devices on all or on category/format type like DOC, PPT, XLS, PDF, TXT or Other. With file tabs option, we can see the tabs of various files opened and access them instantly. From Settings, we can clear our history of file access, secure App with passcode, Change the theme colour from four different colours provided. We can also access member centre for topics to help or question or logout from App. Further, from settings menu, we can rate an App.

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