Bring! Shopping List for Android

The review of Bring! Shopping List reminded commercial of Apple Inc. which showcases the syncing of various applications across its devices. The best part and basic concept of the Bring! Shopping List is same i.e., to sync your shopping list with your family and loved ones and across devices.

The login is necessary for this APP with Google a/c or by creation of new a/c from Bring to share your shopping lists, use multiple lists, send push notifications to the persons who are connected with you through this APP. Through this APP, after login, you can send/receive invites to/from your loved ones and create group of people without any limit on number of people.

In this APP, you can create different lists syncing with different groups (in simple terms, list is nothing but a Whatspp group). In a list, you can add your necessary products/items to shop from various categories Fruits & Vegetables, Bread & Pastries, Milk & Cheese, Meat & Fish, Ingredients & Spices, Grain products, Snacks & Sweets etc. You can search the products from the search bar at the top to add the items to your shopping list. In case you do not find any required item, you can add it under Own items with own description. Notifications through APP will be pushed to your connected ones on updating of list, indicating shopping and completion of shopping. Display & Pocket Lock turns off the screen while phone is not in use and saves your battery.

Coming to Interface, all products were listed with impressive icons. You can add them to your shopping list by touching on them and indicating quantity. By default, number of quantity will increment with additional touch.

Overall, in our opinion, the APP is like a old wine in new bottle. On using it, it felt like that APP is nothing but a Whatsapp Group which can share information with each other with impressive icons/graphics. Only best part is android device support. We really doubt the worth of going through the list of items to select the required items, searching by typing the name of the item in light of the present communication APPs where you can directly type the name and share with your loved ones instantly. APP may not survive longer and vanish in near future.

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