B&H Photo Video Pro Audio for Android

B&H Photo Video Pro Audio is a shopping APP.

On the Homepage of the B&H Photo Video Pro Audio, by tapping on the search available at right hand bottom, we can view history of recent searches.

B&H Photo Video Pro Audio facilitates to search the products by typing title, voice input, scanning the bar code and clear the search, if necessary. By tapping on the Shop Now available at bottom of Homepage, we are guided to the categories of the products offered by B&H Photo Video Pro Audio. New as well as Used products are offered.

New products are categorized in 11 categories and selection of Used products navigate to us to new list of 10 categories.

The major categories are Photography, Computers, Home Entertainment, Pro Video, Mobile, Pro Audio, Camcorders, Lighting & Studio, A/V Presentation, Surveillance, Binoculars & Scopes. In used category, similar subcategories were offered except the Surveillance.

Under each category, several sub-categories based on the products available in that particular category are provided for refining our selection. In each product based sub category, it is further classified based on their function. On selection of function based category, it is navigated to the list of products available with B&H Photo Video Pro Audio.

In the product list page, the filters based on Brand, Price, Specifications of the product like Video / Audio Resolution, Color, Features, Sensor Size, New releases, Rewards, Free Shipping etc.

On each product page, seven (7) sections namely Highlights, Description, Specifications, Reviews, In the Box, Accessories and Q&A. In Highlights, the highlights of the product along with Gallery of Video, Summary of Reviews, Guides & Manuals of the product are provided. In description, the description of the products and its uses, under Specifications, the technical specifications, under In the Box, the list of items come with the products, Under Accessories, the list of accessories can be used for the product along with their price, Under Q&A, the questions on the product till date are provided. If necessary, we can post question on the product under Q&A section. With the three options provided at right hand side top, we can share the product through Communication Apps like WhatsApp, Email etc., and Save the product to Wish list (Login is mandatory for this use) and Access the cart. By tapping on the cart image available at bottom of the page, we can add the product to the cart. Once the product is added, the list of essential Accessories for the specific product along with their offered price is provided. We can purchase the essential items, if desired.

On the cart page, the items can be removed by swiping product to right/left. If desired, to empty cart, all the products can be removed with “Empty Cart” available in the menu at right hand top. We can also apply Coupon/Discount codes, if any and calculate the shipping charges to checkout. Under the Menu, B&H Photo Video Pro Audio facilitates to sign in, provide news feed, access to the saved Guides and Manuals are provided.

In our opinion, the use of Shopping APPs like these depends on personal preference, price, shipping quality and reputation of the merchant. Hence, rating on the serve of the merchant can not be provided. Coming to the user interface, it is nothing but the most of the shopping APPs. Coming to the content of the products, the product is analyzed in detail and reviews for the product (hope they are genuine) from the users, Q&As on the product will provide a fair idea on the product and its usability.

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