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BestMe Selfie Camera – Photography is simple and one of the best android selfie camera app. BestMe Selfie Camera offer filters colour filters, photo collage, mirror images, emoji stickers. The RC Pilatform, developer of the App, made BestMe Selfie Camera user friendly with limited but required options.

How to use BestMe Selfie Camera:

In camera, image can be captured with single tap on the screen. In line with the selfie theme, the default camera is set to front camera.

Menu are made available at bottom of the App. Menu have seven options. Options to select size of the photo or collage pattern and Colors filters can be accessed from the Menu. Additional options are available under options (….)

Slide the Menu to left to view and use the option to access Gallery.

Menu Options:

Size and Collage: The images can be captured in 1:1, 4:3, full size or in collage pattern. These are 10 collage patterns are available to select the pattern. As feature is available at image capture, it forces us to decide the photo collage pattern and plan the picture based on the shape and and photo collage pattern. Using the “Clock” available at left to the menu options, opt to delay the capture of image fro 1 or 3 seconds.

Colour filters: From colour grid option at the middle of the menu, access color themes like Defined, Retro, Mirror, Glamour, KIYOMI, Shape, Sight, Fruit, Natural, BWG, Flower, Modest, Feeling, Filtergrid. Under each theme, sub themes are made available for better selection. Except the Mirror, Shape and Sight themes, themes adjust colours to suit to the mood and environment.

  • Mirror theme is capture image in original as well as mirror in the same layout
  • Shape theme Insert like keep calm, You only live once etc. on to the Image
  • Sight theme Insert light focus from the different directions on Image. Options in this theme are available only in Pro version.

Flash: Set flash to on or off or auto

Change Camera: Change camera from front to reverse, reverse to front.

Corners: Shade the corners to dark or open.

Self Timer: Set the timer to capture the image from 3 to 15 seconds

Settings: Enable or disable auto save, watermark, view or edit save path, view tips, rate the App, share to friends or submit feedback to the developer.


  • Capture Image – with one tap on screen or using volume up or down buttons (need to rate the app to use volume up or down buttons to capture image)
  • Change colour filters – While camera is on, swipe right to left for next and right to left for previous filter
  • Brightness – While camera is on, swipe top to bottom to decrease or bottom to top to increase the brightness
  • Change Cameras – Double tap on screen to change from front to rear or rear to front camera
  • Apply colour filters – Long tap on the preferred sub theme to change the captured sub theme

On successful capture of the image, the image can be downloaded, shared on FaceBook, Instagram or using Communication Apps like WhatsApp, Email etc. if wish to be a cover model of developer magazine, share your best photo on Instagram using hashtag #BestMeSelfie.

If desired, From the “Sticker” option at top right, access edit page to insert stickers, shape corners, change colour filters. The stickers can be enlarged, rotated or deleted options available corners of sticker, move to the desired place with drag and drop on image.

Our Opinion: Overall, in our opinion, BestMe Selfie Camera – Photography is very lightweight android selfie camera app designed with required options and avoided confusion with more options. If you are a photography enthusiast or beginner, we definitely recommend this App. Professionals may prefer Apps with more options like Candy Camera, Camera 360

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