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Weather is a popular weather forecast app with rich eye catching visuals being used by more than million users. Weather is an ad supported android app.

How to use Weather App:

Weather is very lightweight and have four pages:

  1. Location – Opt to auto detect location or add location based on Zip code or name of the place to view the weather details. Multiple places can be added. However, select preferred area to view the weather details in next three pages.
  2. Weather –  View weather details encapsulating name of the place, date and time, image based on day or night, temperature and condition of the weather like Clear, Haze, Cloudy etc. With “Refresh” option, update the details to the present time.
  3. Weather Forecast for day – View weather forecast for the next 24 hours along with sunset time is represented in graph. The temperature forecast for every hour with condition of weather is available to plan our day appropriately
  4. Weather Forecast – View weather conditions for week with weather conditions, maximum and minimum temperatures.

From the options available at top right, view other apps of the developer. Under “Settings”, set preferred units for temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius), enable or disable notifications in status bar, detect auto location, change to the preferred theme. Other options include to share weather app on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, E-Mail, SMS.

Weather is most useful to

  1. Track weather forecasts on business trips or holiday tours
  2. Plan the day work if it depends on climate
  3. To know the climate where your dear ones lives
  4. Track weather of your favorite cities or spots

Our Opinion: Overall, in our opinion, weather is simple, light weight android app with rich graphics and perfectly executes its job. Weather does not offer any benefit in daily life but useful when you visited unknown place for business or holiday.

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