To-do List | Task List for Android To-do List | Task List is an task manager with advanced features. To-do List | Task List requires Login to use this application. You can either create an account or do social login through Google a/c or Facebook a/c. Login will help to save your task list on cloud and sync across devices. It is multilingual app where you can select your preferred language from settings section. To-do List | Task List features to schedule your tasks in six sections i.e., “Personal”, “Movies to Watch”, “Books to Read”, “Grocery List”, “Work” and “Places to Visit”. You can delete th existing sections if they are not relevant to you. You can also create additional sections as per your requirements. In each section, you can create task under two categories with relation to importance i.e., “High”and “Normal”.

To our surprise, To-do List | Task List has more features. For each task we create, it has six features i.e., creation of sub tasks, able to move tasks among different sections, create an alarm at specific date and time as single or recurring task, Attaching notes/files/images/videos/audio notes and ability to share/delegate with others through e-mail. Additional features in To-do List | Task List are drag and drag to move tasks among various sections or to change importance. Swipe functions to check off the task as completed and Gesture function (shake your phone) to remove the completed list of tasks. To-do List | Task List also provided status bar in Notification to show your task list and creating Any.Do moment (reminder) to view your task list. To-do List | Task List three types of views for your task list i.e., Date view (listing the tasks on specified dates), List View (showing list of items) and Priority View (shows only High important tasks). With upgrade to pro version, you can add features to set location based reminders and attach videos from the camera to your tasks. The pro version also provides unlimited collaboration, customized recurring tasks, unlimited moments tool (in free version, only one moment per day can be set), ability to choose your looks (themes), attaching and sharing unlimited file sizes, priority support and passcode protection. The pro version will cost you Rs. 190/- per month or Rs. 1600/- per annum.

In our opinion, To-do List | Task List is bundled with rich user interface and advanced features to make it as a complete task manager. The automatic sync and sharing task list along with required notes provides an added advantage. To-do List | Task List is definitely worth totry and continue if it suits to your necessities. Coming to the cost of the pro version, it is high and only the satisfaction of your requirements may provide answer to you on this.

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