Android App Cleaner – SuperB Cleaner (Boost & Clean)

Background: Most of the android users will wonder why the mobile is slow in processing and where the full battery was not lasting for a day. The secret is that mobile RAM and charge is consumed by many background processes like Email, WhatsApp etc. to provide the push notifications. If you want to long last your battery charging and get the process done fast, control the background process.

Legogo SuperB Cleaner is an one tap android app cleaner to improve the performance of RAM and Battery. Legogo claims that SuperB increases efficiency up to 50% with administrative privileges to close the system Apps.

On Installation, SuperB creates two shortcuts on Homepage

  1. SuperB Cleaner – Shortcut to access the App
  2. 1-tap Boost – Shortcut to close all background processes and clear RAM

On Homepage, SuperB Cleaner display the existing performance level of device ranging from slow to optimal on the clock. This clock help to understand the existing performance and decide to run SuperB Cleaner to stop background applications and cool the CPU.

Additional options include the option to add “Ignore list of Apps” and Options.  If preferred not to stop any App while running SuperB Cleaner, add the list to Ignore list. From the options, upgrade the napp to the latest version, enable or disable Boost Notifications, Notifications on Recommendations to run SuperB cleaner and provide feedback to the developer. To clean the system default apps like Gallery, Google Play, SuperB requires administrative privileges. However, providing administrative privileges is not recommended as it can access all files on the device including your bank accounts, credit card details etc.

Boost Notifications and Notification Recommendations will notify on over utilisation of RAM or increase in the heat of CPU.

Using 1-tap Boost, run SuperB Cleaner in background (without opening an App) and clear the RAM. On completion of the cleaning, RAM cleared data will be displayed.

While using this app cleaner, We experienced a lot of improvement in battery life and performance of the device.

Our opinion: Overall, in our opinion, We recommend to try Legogo SuperB Cleaner without providing administrative privileges.

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