About Us

Thanks for giving an opportunity to tell about us

apprevw is the short form of “Application Reviews”. We started this website keeping in view of three points:

  1. To assist android phone users to select best android apps for their needs

  2. To understand and make users aware of the main purpose of the App

  3. Analyse and detail about various functions or options to use android app for its full functionality

  4. Express our opinion on android app which may help users

While we review any android application, we keep aforesaid four points in our mind.

For the quick review of users, we summarise our analysis in four sections

1. App Info – Detail on the main purpose of the App

2. Pros – Highlights / Benefits of the App

3. Cons – Shortcomings, if any, come across on the date of review

4. Rating – Our Rating on the scale of five (5)

With regard to the Rating, it is submitted that rating provided is our rating and not the rating of users. Users may differ with our rating. If any user, we request you to mail us reasons at apprevw@gmail.com to correct us. We humbly submit that after perusing reasons, we will correct our review or rating, if necessary.

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Any enquiries, suggestions, submissions of apps for review may be mailed at apprevw@gmail.com or apprevw@apprevw.com