Studio for Electronic Music‬, ‪Germany‬, ‪Robert Beyer‬‬

In 1951 a gathering of individuals met at West German Radio in Cologne and chose to shake up the music. Among the establishing individuals were musicians Werner Meyer-Eppler, Robert Beyer and Herbert Eimert. Eimert had even composed a book on atonal music that had got him tossed out of his piece class in Cologne.

Established by composers Werner Meyer-Eppler, Robert Beyer and Herbert Eimert as a component of the West German Telecom radio station amidst the Cool War, the studio was outfitted with best in class hardware for the ideal generation of new electronic sounds.

Specialists in the studio made achievement beats, altering and blending sounds utilizing new sorts of hardware and specialized piece.

Composers and makers originated from great distances abroad as the studio turned into a rearing ground for melodic advancement.

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