6 Essential functions in 1 App | LEO Privacy Guard – Lock Boost

Are you searching for Android Apps to lock apps (Application lock) to save privacy, lock Videos and Photos, Protects WiFi /Mobile Networks from hackers, Anti theft Android App and App to clean background processes and improve memory and boost phone?

Then, Leo Privacy Guard – Lock Boost is for you. Leo Privacy Guard – Lock Boost have all the six essential functions.

Leo Privacy Guard – Lock Boost is an ad supported App.

On opening Leo Privacy Guard – Lock Boost, App seek to set pattern password with minimum four dot connection.This pattern is set as lock to open all the selected Private Apps including Leo Privacy. On pattern / password page, from the options available at top right, choose “Forget Password” to answer the secret question and retrieve the password, access themes, set pattern to Invisible, view prompts.

The Homepage have four important functions and option to scan the privacy status. With one tap on Privacy status functions, Leo Privacy Guard scan the device and display the suggestions, if any.

From the “Message” icon, send feedback developer. From Options, opt to reset password, change pattern mode to password mode, change or modify security question, set password prompt (hint) and from Privacy monitor, enable or disable auto protection to New Apps, New photos, New videos.

From Menu available at top left, opt to rate the App, Access developer Facebook page, opt to join the test group, provide feedback or un-install updates.


App Lock: In App lock page, select apps to lock. From the three options available at top, create Modes (Home Mode, Guest Mode, Time Lock, Position Lock), Set App Cover to hide the password page on App opening, Set or download new themes for the Leo.


Mode is a profile of the mobile user. If you are handing over the mobile to other, activate guest profile. In such profile, selected apps can be locked. This saves the time in locking and unlocking the Apps by the owner.


In Mode page, three modes to lock apps are available:

  1. All Modes – Select preferred mode (profiles) from existing modes or add new mode with preferred settings.
  2. Time Lock – Set time to auto enable preferred mode and lock apps at the pre set time. If preferred, set the time lock to repeat on desired week days (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun)
  3. Position Lock – Set and Add position lock. Set preferred Mode to enable or disable on detection of selected WiFi. This settings are useful to set modes for Company or Home or College or other Regular places

In App cover, set the cover to access the pattern page and open the App. Set cover from any of the four options (Beauty Cover, Error, Unknown caller, Fingerprint). On activation of cover, Leo Privacy Guard seeks to assign the finger pattern like touch, pinch, single tap, double tap etc.. to remove the cover and access the password pattern page.

In Theme, personalize the App with themes available in local storage or download.

From the “Settings” icon available on right top of App Lock Page, allow the Leo Privacy Guard to administrator the device, if desired. Activation of administer settings allow Leo Privacy Guard to Erase all data and Lock the screen locks. This settings are more useful to erase the device data and safeguard the privacy when lost the device. Other  options  include set reminder to lock the newly installed Apps, auto boost device when Leo Privacy Guard is unlocked, make the pattern invisible, auto lock on screen off or to set the time to auto lock the Apps after screen off / on app exit.

WiFi Security: On tap, Leo Privacy Guard scan the WiFi and verify the security settings. On WiFi Security page, additional options to monitor data, rate the App, follow the developer on Facebook are provided. From the “Settings” icon available on right top of WiFi Security Page, enable or disable to scan WiFi for security settings.

Harras Inter: In “Blacklist” Add mobile numbers to blacklist from SMS, Calls, Contacts or input the New number. From the option “Recent Strangers”, add the mobile from recent call logs. In “Call Inter.”, view the list of calls received from blocked numbers.  From the “Settings” icon available on right top of Harass Inter. Page, enable or disable to scan Harass Inter option (block list), Inter. Notice (notification on Call interception).

Anti-theft: Enable Anti-theft protection (advanced protection). It require administrative privileges to Leo Privacy Guard. Change or Assign the family person number. This will facilitate the Leo Privacy Guard App to send SMS to the family person number on SIM change and to send the keys to enable the Leo Privacy Guard to execute various functions. On “Enable Anti-theft” page, note down following SMS keys.In unexpected times, send SMS from family person number to safeguard the privacy an recover the phone:

  1. #onekey – Enable lock, tracking, alarm, erase
  2. #locatepostion – Locate the phone
  3. #alert – Phone will give alarm
  4. #alertoff – Close sirens
  5. #formatdata – Clear all data
  6. #lockmobile – Lock all apps

If desired, from the option “Backup remote control orders” SMS the keys to family person phone.

Other options: Access other options on scrolling up the arrow available at bottom of the Privacy Guard Home page

  1. Break-in-Alert – Capture image from front camera on input of password or pattern for specified number of times
  2. Hide Photo – Hide selected images from Gallery
  3. Hide Video – Hide selected videos from Gallery
  4. Data usage – Set the monthly data plan opted or provided by the Service provider and track its usage on daily basis for all Apps and on App basis. From “Settings” available on  Data Usage page, enable or disable alarm on excess usage, alert on using preferred % of monthly data, set the settlement date for recalculation of the data usage for every month.
  5. Battery usage – Optimise or Close the background Apps to boost the battery. From “Settings” on Battery usage page, enable or disable speed up charging, prevent over charging, notifications on power consumption apps.
  6. Shortcut Assistant – Add short-cuts to home page to execute the functions without opening the App. By default, two short-cuts i.e., Boost, App Joy are added to Homepage at the time of installation of Leo Privacy Guard.

Our Opinion: Overall, in our opinion,  LEO Privacy Guard – Lock Boost is the best app to safeguard privacy. We definitely recommend this App.

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