3 Android Apps in 1 | RINGABELL – Share Reminders

RINGABELL – Share Reminders, an Android App, designed as a 3 in 1 App to send One time or Repeated reminders on specified date and time for contacts or Groups (group of contacts), Alarm,  Task list Manager with Self Reminders.

To use this RINGABELL – Share Reminders, personal details in relation to Mobile number, Email, Gender, Occupation has to be provided. Mobile Number verification is mandatory. The APP will auto verify PIN received by SMS.

On the Homepage, the week days starting from Sunday to Saturday highlighting the current date, the list of reminders sent or received, options to add a reminder,invite contacts, access contacts, bell to view notifications, options to access menu are displayed. With “+” available at bottom right we can access “Add Reminder” page.

In “Add Reminder” page we can search for contacts (from Find Friends Page) on RINGABELL contacts or groups or contacts on the device and select the contacts to send a reminder with preferred message at specified date and time for one time or repeat daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly at 9.00 AM, 2.00 PM, 6.00 PM, 10.00 PM. Few templates like “Call me”, “Happy birthday” etc. are provided to select as a preferred message. With “Mic” option next to Message Box, voice message may also be sent as a preferred message. The date and time can be set from calendar or clock in our time zone or friend’s time zone to whom we are sending the reminder by selecting the friends location. With “Send” option available at top right, we can send a reminder to the selected contacts or groups. The receiving contact has to accept to receive reminders for the first time. This helps us in preventing spam messages. Self Reminders can be set by selecting self contact number as contact to send reminder.

The Reminders can be sent to non-users of RINGABELL by providing their contact number and email. In such instances, email will be sent to the provided email informing about the sender mobile number and seeks to download the App to view Notifications.

From option “Invite” available on Homepage, we can invite friends using communication Apps like WhatsApp, Email, Skype etc. From option “Contacts”, we can access “Find Friends” page.

Find Friends Page is categorized into three sections

  1. Groups – To create group with contacts, view the list of groups

  2. On RINGABELL – To view contacts on device using RINGABELL, to invite new contacts

  3. Contacts – To view contacts on device and option to Add Contact.

On Invitation or sending reminders to non-users of RINGABELL, email will be sent to the provided contact email informing about Reminder and Seek to download the App.

From “Bell” option, we can view notifications on joining of new members from our contacts, acceptance or rejection of receiving reminders, reminders received etc.

From “Menu” available at top right, we can access,modify our profile, access or create Groups, Block user, view or redeem Reward Points, Change Settings for Notification, Alarm Ringtone, Vibration, Default Snooze time (1 minute to 45 minutes).

Overall in our opinion, RINGABELL – Share Reminders will become very useful for family members, team workers to send reminders to each other for various tasks or todo lists. Moreover, it can also be used as Alarm, Task list Manager. We recommend to try this App instead of any Reminder or Alarm or Task list App.

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