2 in 1 Android Media Player – AC3 Player New

Background: First sound recording was done in 1857 by phonautograph. In early days, Analog recording is practiced to store continuous signal on media and later in digital recording using microphone. In digital recording, Pulse-code modulation(PCM) is used for processing and reproduction of the recorded sound. With advancement of technology, the processing of sounds in multi tracks to create surround sound is emerged from 1990s.

As a part of surround sound, Dolby Digital Audio developed AC3 sound format and DTS is developed by DTS Inc. AC3 (Audio Coding 3) is a file extension for multi channel (5.1 / 7.1 / 16.2 Channels) surround sound audio files.

In mobiles, sound processor programs are primarily PCM based processors and several Video players do not support AC3 / DTS sound tracks. In this background, AC3/DTS player is reviewed.

Review: AC3 Player New, an ad supported APP, designed with in-built Video and Audio players. It is developed based on VLC for Android Beta. It support almost all video, audio, subtitle formats. Videos or Audio from MRL (Media Resource Locator) can also be played.

On opening an APP, list of video, audio on the device are auto detected and displayed. From search, can search for Video or Audio files. From the Menu at top left, Video, Audio, Directories can be accessed.  From the options menu, access options to play last playlist, sort videos, refresh the list of videos, adjust the equalizer, open MRL and set preferences.

In Equalizer, choose preset equalizers like Flat, Classical, Club, Dance, Full bass, Full bass and treble, Full treble or adjust equalizers from provided 10 scales.

In Preferences,

  1. opt to add additional directories to search media,

  2. enable or disable acceleration (Automatic, Disables, Decoding acceleration, Full acceleration), to play video in background, night mode

  3. set subtitle text encoding (from over 40 encoders), video orientation (Automatic-Sensor, Locked at start, Landscape, Portrait, Reverse landscape, Reverse portrait). In Extra Settings of Preferences, set Interface settings for secondary display like HDMI/Mira cast in relation to Clone, Brightness, Headset, Audio title alignment etc.; performance settings, advanced settings for audio output, auto scan, clear media database, history.

On selection of Audio from Menu, Audio can be sorted based on Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, Playlists.

Video Player: On the video player, five options are available:

  1. Lock – Lock and disable all other options and enjoy the video

  2. Audio – Select Audio track, subtitle for the video

  3. Play – Play the video

  4. Menu – Options to set sleep timer, modify playback speed, disable video and play only audio, set subtitle delay in milliseconds, Audio delay milliseconds, Jump to the desired play time of the video.

  5. Fit video in screen in aspect ratio in 4:3, 16:9, Centre, Best Fit, Fit horizontal, Fit vertical, Fill screen

Audio Player: On the Audio player, four options are available:

  1. Set sleep timer

  2. Set playback speed ranging from (0.25x to 4x) -1x in normal speed

  3. Modify Equalizer settings

  4. Jump to desired play time

At the bottom of the page, options to play next audio, repeat one audio or entire play list and at the top of the page, options to save playlist, view album image or list of audio are available.

Overall, in our opinion, AC3 Player New is very good APP to play Video and Audio files. However, the frequency of the ad may annoy us. With the hope that developer reduce the frequency of ad, we recommend to try AC3 Player New.

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